Visited for Acidity Treatment, PCOD/PCOS Treatment Happy with Treatment satisfaction Dr. Joy has been treating me for various health issues over 2 years and now and extremely happy with his treatment. Most doctors don’t have patience to hear you or explain the health condition. However, Dr. Joy not only patiently hears you out and explains the issue, but also cares to follow up with you personally. It is hard to find doctors who truly believe in serving and are are passionate and honest. Dr. Joy is one of them! Another important factor is the respect for people’s time. If you have an appointment, there’s hardly any wait time. Dr.Joy cures not only with his medicine but also with his positivism! I would recommend him to all my friends.
4:30PM, Jul 25, 2018 Published




Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee reply :
Thank you Nibedita for such warm compliment . It really means a lot to me. PUBLISHED, 6:46PM, Aug 01,

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