Happy with Doctor friendliness I met Dr. Banerjee for my brother’s health issues around 6 months back. He is suffering with very painful boils , inflammation , scars, and always leaking boils in entire back and buttock area. I am really satisfied with the doctor the way he talks with patients, gives confidence and his friendliness. He gives hopes in patients which is very important. Responds to all queries in whatsapp even in his busy schedule. Initial few months medications seemed to be working on my brother. But last month it is unfortunate that became very severe. Doctor is very good and I recommend for others but may be my brother’s case is so peculiar that nobody can help and looks like God also does not want to help us. He is suffering from almost 12 years now and he is 29. We have consulted many doctors and everyone says it is curable but so far no better luck. I would visit him again and hope any miracle happens. No doubt he is very good doctor more than that he is a very good human being. Please do not hesitate to consult him. 4:48PM, Dec 07

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