How to treat Psoriasis ?
I personally feel every doctor has few such conditions which he dreads not because of his less expertise but because those conditions itself are most complex diseases of its own kind. One such disease out of many complex conditions is Psoriasis.

I take great professional pleasure and humility to treat Psoriasis. Thanks to my teachers and patients who have helped me sharpen my skills over this condition.

IN allopathy Psoriasis is still considered un-treatable and thousands of patients over years spend lakhs of rupees in their so called unrepeatable treatment market of ointments and steroids.

But in Homeopathy, Psoriasis si not only treatable it can be mastered to treat any of its horrid sub types.

I am here to share with you one such of the many psoriasis cases that I have treated _
this is the case of a 71 yr old man who had psoriasis on his back and joints – The spread of the lesion on his back was so dreadful. O?e I could see red under skin and layered up with a tiny transparent fluid and scaling around it. It was one of the most difficult cases I had the good luck to treat.

I sharing this case here for all those who are suffering with psoriasis to ignite a ray of hope in you. If u are suffering.. dont waste time . Reach out to me and I shall give my best effort to get this dreaded disease out of your system. for appointment click on the link below _


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