3 renal stones in both the kidneys removed in just 2 months by Dr Banerjee Homeopathy Centre

renal stones – treated by Homoeopathy !!

this is a case of a 27 year old male who was diagnosed with kidney stone at the age of 26. He use to have severe pain and colic. he was under treatment for 3  months with various doctors. the pain had subsided eventually. and He Left it like that.

again there was a severe pain in his right and Left Side back  after almost an year – the pain was severe and colicky in nature- an ultra sound was done. It was found that there were now 2 stones in the Right Kidney instead of one (7.9 mm and 6.3 mm size)  and  Left kidney also developed a stone of the size 6.7 mm .

He came to DrBanerjeecures.in Homeopathy centre for treatment. After a detailed case taking and understanding his work and life style medicine was given –

the pain had gradually reduced in 2 weeks.


the 2nd phase meds were given after 1 month of first consultation and medicines.

Patient was asked to come with an ultrasound report to assess the situation of the stones before giving phase 3 meds.

when the ultrasound came with No stones found in either Kidneys!

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