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Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic endocrine disorder due to an overall deficiency of insulin (Type 1) or defective insulin function (Type 2) which causes hyperglycemia.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for 90% to 95% of cases worldwide and is due to genetic and environmental factors with resultant insulin resistance and pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction causing relative insulin deficiency. This form of diabetes remains clinically in evident for many years.

The complications of the diabetes are mainly micro or macro vascular – The macrovascular disease affects mainly the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, and the microvascular disease includes nephropathy, retinopathy, and neuropathies.

A debilitating complication of diabetes mellitus is diabetic ulcers, which leads to increased overall morbidity in patients.


Atherosclerosis and diabetic peripheral neuropathy are the two main causes leading to a complication of diabetes such as ulcers.

a) Atherosclerosis leads to decreased blood flow in large and medium-sized vessels secondary to thickening of capillary basement membrane, loss of elasticity, and deposition of lipids within the walls. Further arteriosclerosis leads to small vessel ischemia.

b) Peripheral neuropathy affects the sensory, motor, and autonomic nervous system. There are multifactorial causes such as vascular disease occluding the vasa nervorum, endothelial dysfunction, chronic hyperosmolarity, and effects of increased sorbitol and fructose.


Homeopathy is extremely effective in such kind of metabolic disorder as diabetes and its vascular complications like the DIABETIC ULCER –
I have personally treated many diabetes patient who are now living a diabetes free life –

this is the case of a 72 year old man who got a small scratch on his right lateral side of knee – which over a few days turned into a non healing ulcer –

the ulcer became filled with pus and discharge an no amount of his medications were helping him. the patient came to Bangalore for treatment and the condition persisted the same for another 3 months-after many allopathic medications-

when the patient came to DrBanerjeeCures.in – a thorough examination and a case taking was done. the patient was under severe discomfort as he couldn’t fold his leg properly while walking – there was also severe irritation and itching at the site of the ulcer – the picture of his ulcer before treatment is attached –

Patient was prescribed medicines and was asked to visit after 3 weeks.

The ulcer was no longer there – there was a healthy skin growth – the pain had completely gone and patient only had a slight itching left –
the patient was given medicines for 2 weeks –

this is the picture of the patient’s diabetic ulcer after treatment

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