how to check for infection during COVID pandemic

How to check for infection – in pandemic COVID

1) for SKIN –
Generalised erythema
Rash (see opposite)
IV injection track marks
Surgical scars
Prosthetic devices, e.g. central venous catheters

2) Hands and Nails
Hands and nails
Finger clubbing
Splinter haemorrhages
Janeway lesions
Signs of chronic liver disease
Vasculitis lesions

3) Oropharynx
Dental caries
Tonsillar enlargement or exudate

4) Head and neck
Abnormal tympanic membranes

5) Eyes
Conjunctival petechiae
Painful red eye in uveitis
Loss of red reflex in endophthalmitis
Roth’s spots in infective endocarditis
Haemorrhages and exudates
of cytomegalovirus retinitis
Choroidal lesions of tuberculosis


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