Aswani Kumar Kota :

Visited for Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoids
Dr. Banerjee is an excellent and amazing doctor. It is a very reassuring feeling that Doctors like him
are there in this world today. I had met him for the first time on seeing his highly impressive profile
and reputation on Practo and I was thoroughly impressed by his ability to identify the root cause of
the ailment, diagnose it and guide me on the path forward. He is a very patient listener and gives a lot
of confidence. The medication he gave offered very fast and long lasting relief. Thereafter my wife
too has consulted him for another ailment and was equally impressed. I would also like to
compliment his highly sincere and efficient staff who are very prompt in communication and
dispensing medicines. Thanks! Dr. Banerjee. (12:11PM, Feb 15 Published)

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