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I have been having neck pain, head tremors (cervical dystonia) & Anxiety disorder since more than 5 years which has severely impacted my day today life and career. I have consulted and undergone treatments with the best of the allopathic doctors in vain. Through some very strong references, I have approached Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee and have been undergoing treatment from the last 2 months. Within few days I have started seeing a very good improvement on all the fronts and right now Anxiety disorder has almost vanished and the neck and head tremors have significantly come
down, I feel as if I have been resurrected. Thanks a million doctor for bringing me back to my normal life.
1:16PM, Nov 15 Published


Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee
Thank you So much . I feel so happy to have helped you. though we still have a some more trouble shooting to do I am confident you shall be super alright in v near future.
PUBLISHED, 1:16PM, Nov 1

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