Visited for Rheumatoid arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis
I met Doctor Joy for my Joint pain. I got his reference from Practo and planned to meet him for my
RA problem. When I was detected as RA+ve, I was very much disturbed knowing that the disease in
non curable and I have to depend on medication for long time, which has its own complications.
When I met Dr Joy, His treatment approach motivated me. He assured me of 100% result, which was
a big assurance for me. He listens carefully and analyse from various angles. He treated me for 3
months. His continuous follow up and motivation really helped me. After the completion of 3
months medicines, I started feeling better from 4th month onward. Now after 5 months I feel much
better and I am not experiencing any pain in my joints. During the 3 months course I was still taking
allopathic medication to prevent any Join damage. I strongly recommend Dr Joy for any kind of
autoimmune disease which do not have any permanent cure in allopathic. (4:15PM, Feb 22 Publish)

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