Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time When I first visited Dr Banerjee, I was in a broken down condition physically, mentally and emotionally. He listened to me intently and did a lot to comfort me as I related my case to him. His patience and willingness to listen was very encouraging. He took time to explain my condition and his approach towards my treatment. I improved rapidly with his medicine and was feeling better day by day. However, I feel I could not have done as well without his kindness, emotional support and counseling. I visited him multiple times during initial days since I was anxious and terrified. Each time I was welcome with a smile and received a lot of positivism. Even the ambiance of his clinic is so comforting that I would feel positive vibes while waiting for my turn to see him. Every visit to him was very productive and energizing. He took initiative towards creating a conducive environment for my recovery by counseling my family. He helped my family understand my condition, guided them on how to cope and gave them assurance that I would be fine soon . Within two months of his treatment I recovered fully from a condition where I was terribly ill and felt hopeless. I got a new lease of life. I am very thankful and grateful to him for his treatment, listening, kindness, generosity and motivational support. I feel lucky to have visited him. 11:30AM, Nov 04




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