Recommends Dr Banerjee
I am first time writing a review on any online platform with the intention that if my experience can help somebody to decide visiting Dr. Banerjee at least once.. Yes!! You must give a try meeting such a wonderful human being that in first meeting you will feel you are at the right place. I visited Dr. Banerjee on 19 Nov 2017 . To give an overview, i had visited many doctors in past 5 years from the time i got identified with vitamin D Deficiency in year 2012. I have visited many doctors in north Chandigarh, Ludhiana & in Bangalore too. I was struggling to find out what has happened to me but none of the medications given to me were showing results.. finally one day i thought of changing from allopathy treatment to consider homeopathy dr. And just visited Dr. Banerjee via surfing over net and that how i was at clinic. His clinic has such a positive posters that you start thinking about them. Finally when i visited Dr. It was like ” The Moment” in my life that i had never met such a human being on earth so far. I was immediately started feeling good without any medication. First time i felt in life somebody understands you and not pin pointing at you. I am really shocked that in this selfish world such a good human being too exist. I had taken medicine for 10 days and believe me guys i am finding my self back. I had lost myself somewhere in this world & not to mention Dr. Banerjee medication is helping me out to bring myself back. I am confident now that i will be back soon in original form with the help of Dr. Banerjee. I usually don’t trust much on reviews because i had perception that it’s all paid. I would say i was lucky enough to meet such a human being who made me to dream and hope once again. I must say whatever is your problem Dr. Banerjee is worth visiting. Don’t ever think twice to visit him. He is real doctor who understand others emotions and never make you feel regret on anything. I really wish Dr. Banerjee shall pass on his knowledge to his who can really serve generations in future. Thank you so much Dr.! (8:40pm Dec 4th)

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