Visited for Vitiligo Treatment, menstrual
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I was suffering from vitiligo & menstrual problem for which I started taking medication from Dr. Joy. Within few months my periods got regular. I also have vitiligo. With few months of medication
it started healing very well. Recently I was diagnosed with stones in kidney. With 6 months if medication all the stones have gone. I got my reports today and feeling very very happy to see this. I thank Dr from bottom of my heart for his treatment
2:55PM, Dec 19 Published




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Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee: Thank you Rama. I m humbled by your appreciation. Even though I have treated so many vitiligo, PCOD, PCOS, kidney stones and gall bladder stones cases, each case has mostly required a different approach and medication, based on the clinical and personal history of the patient. I convey compliments to me, to the lotus feet of Almighty God Sri Sri Krishna who is the real and true benevolent !
PUBLISHED, 2:55PM, Dec 1

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