Visited for PCOD Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction I came to Dr. Banerjee on recommendation by my colleague. It was an immensely satisfying experience. I had recently been diagnosed with PCOD and needed treatment. Not just PCOD, the way he gives advises about your day to day life and how to remain stress free is the most satisfying thing. I received ample amount of time and attention whenever require either through visits or through telephone/ whatsapp. The best thing about him is the connection that he makes with his patients. Then, I even took my father’s case to him which was again very satisfactory. I would definitely recommend him to everyone! Cheers
2:36PM, Jul 21, 2018 Published





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Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee reply :
Thank You Sulka for such warm compliment. Wish you and father good health, now and always. PUBLISHED, 2:36PM, Jul 21

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