Visited for Fever, Gastro Ailment Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time Starting homeopathy for my toddler was a half hearted decision. Dr. Banerjee’s consultation was very effective and hassle-free. He cured stomach infection and
fever in just 4 days with regimented medicine and precautionary steps. Extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome.
3:23PM, Oct 13, 2018 Published





Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee reply :
I’m so happy to hear. Still there is a lot of work remaining for me in his case as we are yet to improve his absorption and eating habits. Homeopathy is best for children females and elderly people as their immune systems are in frequent adaptation. Its what constitutes 70% of patients. PUBLISHED, 3:23PM, Oct 13

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