Visited for Giddiness, Tinnitus Evaluation / Management Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Well first of all a big big thank you to my most reliable Dr Banerjee who is a healer, therapist also a friend and the best counsellor for my daughter and me! I fell and hit my head badly acouple of years ago. From then on I had a wierd feel in my ears followed by giddiness wherein i always felt i would fall someday and end myself in bruises. This imbalance agreviated as days passed on and my day to day chores became very difficult to manage. I then visited a Neuro surgeon who adviced me to undergo MRI Brain after i explained about my fall. I did the same and the results came as normal. Since i had migraine from past 20 years my final diagnosis by the Dr. was Migraine! A couple of tablets for the same were prescribed and this did not do any good to my giddiness and imbalance. Seeing my health condition my Boss who is also my wellwisher adviced me to try Dr. Banerjee who is a Homeopath. The first thing Banerjee Sir asked after hearing to my illness was when and how hard was the impact when i fell! I was shocked to hear this as i had not at all told him that i had fallen! This was when i thought i can rely on Him and he will heal my illness! Diagnosis of illness which is the most important step was done in a jiffy. He said that the connecting nerve from my Brain to my ear must have got disturbed and said with a lot of affirmation that this is nothing and can be cured in a couple of months with strict intake of medicines and regular followups. I did follow these two instructions without fail and my illness reduced considerably well. After 6 months, with Banerjee Sir’s guidance i participated in the Blore Half marathon and successfully finished in style! There were days where thought my life had finished but with Sir’s treatment and guidance im today leading a very good healthy lifestyle. And to top it all migraine which were also my most difficult days had come to an end. I strongly recommend Dr. Banerjee as there is so much positivity in him, listens to his patients, diagnose the illness medicines given and what more does any one need! A big thank you Sir! 11:30AM, May 18 Published

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