Visited for Scabies, Skin Disease Treatment Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time I would stronly recommend Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee, not only for his expertise in this field but the process he folllows and the true belief he gives to his patients that he is there for them. He was the only one who diagnosed me  for Scabies just by seeing the condition and he has helped me improve my 1.5 years bad scabies infestation and skin allergy in just 2 months. I am still under his treatment and feeling much better. After all mis diagnoise and steroid tablets and creams, I lost all hope but i would never forget the day I went to his clinic which was one of the best decision for me because he has improved my condition and treated me with his soulful treatment and homeo medicines and cream. As by his name, he is like God figure to me. To all patients, I guess belief in the doctor and his medicines is very important because the day of complete cure will come very soon. He is a Very humble person and confident in his department. I wish him all the luck for the noble service he is providing and best wishes to all his patients. Thanks a lot Doctor Banerjee. 5 stars
11:30AM, Jul 10, 2018 Published

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