Sumana Sarkar Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction

I first met Dr Banerjee in March 2017. For gall bladder stones and CBD stones. Where all other doctors told that my gall bladder needs to be operated and then Dr Banerjee came as savior. He is an extremely positive person. Pays attention to and gives enough time to know his patients well enough to go to the root cause of the problem and then prescribes any medicine. It’s a pleasure just to have a chat with him with no reason even. Always gets motivated. After taking his medicines I got rid of complaon health complaints and now my God’s grace my gall bladder stones are totally cleared. I can discuss any small or big , silly or imp doubts with him with respect to my or my family members Health. I definitely recommend him for a healthy treatment. And wish him and his family good health and many success to follow.
3:30PM, Jun 19, 2019 Published

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Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee
Thank you Sumana for such a lovely compliment. In Homeopathy, Gall bladder stones are the most difficult cases to deal with. Im glad your stones are out. I am also honored to find a friend and well wisher in you. Thank a tonlot !
PUBLISHED,11:33AM, Jun 23

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