Visited for Piles Treatment (Non Surgical) Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time Thank you Dr. Banerjee for the treatment. I am suffering with fissure with sentinel piles for last two and half months with severe pain. The pain is such that I cannot sleep for many nights. I went to top hospitals in bangalore, there they provide only pain killers but not for cure of the fissure and they were asking for surgery. I also went for homoeopath treatment but I did not get cured. After that I went to Dr. Banerjee’ s clinic last month and now I am feeling better day by day and pain is reducing day by day. Now my it is almost 70% cured and I think within next 15 days I will be completely cured. Dr Banerjee is a very good doctor and his method of treatment is also very good, very genuine treatment. I also suggest others to Dr. Banerjee.
3:30PM, May 24, 2018 Published




Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee Reply :
Thank you for such a warm compliment. It is my life’s mission to tactically solve for each case till it is resolved. I give my best effort to each case no matter how chronic it is, and by grace of God Almighty Sri Sri Krishna , I have been successful in treating them, till date.

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