Visited for Tearing Eyes Happy with Doctor Friendliness, Treatment satisfaction We consulted Dr Banerjee for our 6 months old son for cold and watery eyes. Few previous doctors had just dismissed the water eyes issue sating it would go away with some exercise. It was Dr Banerjee who understood the problem and helped us. He was friendly and understanding, we were able to get all our anxieties answered. He is very approachable and proactive in following up with patients’ status.
1:30PM, Aug 28, 2018 Published




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Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee reply :
Thank you for your compliments. Children are always on my high priority and personally follow-up their cases, more so bcz infants and children are unable to express their complaints verbally. It needs eye for
detail and keen observation. Being a father myself I completely understand the concern and anxiety of parents. PUBLISHED, 6:44PM, Aug 28

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