Help Visited for Respiratory Treatment, Bacterial Skin Infection Treatment Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money When I relocated to Bangalore, I was trying to identify a homeopathic doctor ,esp for my daughter , who was frequently falling ill due to chest congestion and tonsilitis. Then I learnt about Dr. Banerjee. Since then,I have preferred to consult Dr Banerjee whenever there was any illness. His warmth, attention to detail, ability to instill positivity among patient and assurance of being there for a patient makes him unique. I am relieved now, as I know whom to approach when there is a need . He is the best Doctor, a good friend and an always available guide.
10:34AM, Aug 18, 2018 Published


Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee reply :
Thank you for such a warm compliment. 🙂 :”) It is always my tireless effort to live upto and beyond the expectation of the people who come to me for treatment. Living up to their faith and trust on me as their doctor, guide, friend and healer has always been my top priority. PUBLISHED, 10:34AM, Aug 18

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