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I am visiting the Doctor from last 8 months regarding my slip disc and back pain which i was suffering from almost 4 years. It was kind of not able to walk for 1km on a daily basis and had to take rest after every 400-500 metres during my walk. I was getting leg pain as well as back pain and I used to avoid the walk because of this pain. But after taking his medicines for only 10 days, I started feeling that my backs are getting strengthened and I am getting less pain while walking. This motivated me to start going for a walk and slowly I started walking by taking his medicines. Within 2 months I was in a state that I could walk for 7 KM’s without any stop in between, which I was not able to walk earlier just 500 meters. I am really happy with consulting Dr. Banerjee and his medicines. I continued his medicines for around 4 months and from last 3 months I am not taking his medicines and I am fine without the medicines also. His medicines are course by course basis not like other Doctors which you have to take for longer time. Just one thing you have to follow is to take the prescribed medications time to time till it gets over. Once that is over his 2nd terms of medicines will starts. Coming to Doctor’s behaviour, he is very friendly and listens to your problems carefully. He takes minimum 15 min to 30mins per consultation and tries to understand the problem. He thinks on the problem areas and then write the medicines. It is quite satisfactory talking to him. Not only me, my father and mother are also consulting with him on blood pressure, gall bladder stone, back pain and sugar. They are also getting better. I would definitely like to suggest Dr Bannerjee to all of my family and friends. Thanks Doctor for your help. I am again really happy after 4 years, since the time I got my slipped disc. It was the time when I was not able to stand for more than 5 mins also and not able to walk for 400 metres continuously and now I am kind of Normal person, just by taking your medicines only for 4 months.
3:30PM, Feb 20, 2019 Published

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