Vivekananda R Shetty

Happy with Treatment satisfaction
Very good doctor i ever came across, my son is suffering from constipation problem from last 1.5 year, we have visited many allopathy doctors ;they have given us laxopeg which helped him, but the problem is we have to give that every day, if we miss one day he wil not do potty next day. Now with this doctors medicine we have stopped laxopeg, and we see improvement. I hope my son will get cured soon completely.I am very happy that doctor himself texted me asking my sons health.
10:30AM, Nov 10 Published




Dr. Joy Krishna Banerjee
Thanks Vivekanand. Thanks to Krishna, I have very largely been successful with children and female cases especially because their diseases are not the regular kind,. they manifest over a very delicate and sensitive mind and body immune system
PUBLISHED, 1:46PM, Nov 15

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